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Server Management is your routine maintenance and functioning of the server. Even though this often means lots of ideas, the most important notion behind server Management will be still uptime.

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Server Management Benefits

Maintaining a server is not as easy as it looks. Keeping an eye on server performance and utilization levels can consume more time than required. Administering servers may get worse when you involve multiple servers in operations. You certainly won’t have the time to log into server administration consoles manually, not one machine after another. That’s why you onboard server management services.


Use the right amount of resources to support demand for your application at any given time


Save up on equipment, energy, and human resources overheads


Recover your systems and networks in the event of failures


Parameters like speed, load, service up-time or server software greatly affect server stability.

Why Look for Help with Server Management

With all the advantages that cloud computing brings to the table, planning, designing, implementing, deploying, and managing a cloud-native architecture on Cloud is a challenging endeavor and can be costly if you lack skilled cloud solution architects, engineers, and administrators to run a smooth operation.


Here’s what can go wrong:

Risk and Security Threat Observation

Cybersecurity is a huge threat in today’s digital landscape. Server management can be complex, and as businesses rely on the latest technology for their operations, hackers have become more vigilant in their attempts to hold any business hostage.

Updating with the latest firmware

Quite frankly, everybody skips updates, it’s the easy way out. Reason being, it can take up a considerable amount of time. However, this is precisely the mistake that allows hackers to access your private and sensitive information, putting you and your business at risk.

24×7 Server Monitoring

In order to identify risks and threats before they become a headache, you must monitor your server(s), review access logs, and manage patch releases regularly. You should identify unusual traffic spikes or unauthorized login attempts and take necessary preventive measures when the need arises.

Cloud Expert

How We can Help


Cloud Expert offers you a cross-functional and dedicated team of engineers, solution architects, and support staff for your peace of mind.


Our cloud-native engineers are certified, informed, communicative, and creative with Cloud technologies and their benefits for your business.


Combined, our Cloud experts have decades of experience in migration, management and DevOps on Server Management.

Our Server Management Expertise & Services

Dedicated Server Experts Services Activity
Server Administrators
24/7/365 monitoring and support
Real time monitoring management, proactive issue investigation, response and escalation, solutions that work
Security Engineer, Server Administrator
Security management
Network, data, infrastructure and host security and firewall management. From vulnerability analysis to advanced protection and compliance control
Server Solution Architect
Performance and cost optimisation
Cost analysis, optimisation proposals, and implementation to minimize waste of resources
Security Engineer, Server Administrator
Infrastructure and Server Maintenance
Proactive monitoring, server and infrastructure assessment with operative system patch management.
Security Engineer, Cloud Server Administrator
Backup and disaster recovery
DR plan creation and implementation with an optional environment as a failover for a disaster recovery; automated snapshots and maintenance of the retention period.
Server Architect, Network Engineer, Security Engineer, Server Administrator
Infrastructure and server management
Infrastructure as Code, usage of custom built templates, configuration management.

Server Management Processes

Server Monitoring

It refers to the tracking and analysis of metrics to identify the performance of your servers. Server monitoring allows your business to operate at its maximum potential at any given time, alongside offering opportunities to identify and prevent server-related issues before they can affect your server performance in real time. Needless to mention, it helps you examine your IT infrastructure so that you can make well-informed decisions when it comes to future expansions.

Server Maintenance

If your business does not practice server maintenance in the right manner, it will encounter unexpected server performance issues. You must update your server, its software, its security features. It helps in taking preventative measures on time. Server maintenance demands regular system audits to determine security efficacy. It lets you roll updates when necessary while setting migration, backup, and restoration processes to ensure your server performance is never at risk.


Parameters like speed, load, service up-time or server software greatly affect server stability. Even the slightest configuration changes, errors or conflicts can derail your entire server and push its performance to waste. Server management experts work diligently to ensure timely updates in order to prevent conflicts. Also, few critical server performance aspects such as page load time or database lag must be occasionally audited and optimized to ensure performance.


We take your uptime and security seriously. Our dedicated support ensures high availability of your services, integrity of your data, cost optimization through resource management, and proactive reporting on any security threats. As your application and business develops on Server, we shall continue consulting you on how best to take advantage of the Server Management, features and tools.

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